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  • Carnival Purim Basket
    Carnival Purim Basket

Carnival Purim Basket for festive fun

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Celebrate the upcoming Purim holiday with the Carnaval Purim Basket.  Containing a selection of Israel’s finest chocolate, chips, candies and more, this neat Purim basket makes for an excellent Purim gift and a fine addition to anyone’s festive celebrations.

Kosher Chief Rabbinate


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Whether you want to take part in the ancient tradition of sending Mishloach Manot or simply wish to give a friend a Purim gift, look no further than the Carnaval Purim Basket.


Sending packages of at least two ready-to-eat foods, known as Mishloach Manot, has for centuries been a key custom to mark Purim.  Become part of the tradition by purchasing a Carnaval Purim Basket.  Inside you will find a selection of some of Israel’s favourite snacks.  These include wafers, chocolate and fruity candies, as well as a packet of flavoured chips.  Historically, sending Mishloach Manot to friends, relatives or colleagues is meant to ensure that everybody has enough food with which to celebrate the Purim festival.  Given the range of treats on offer in this basket, it will undoubtedly help make sure that there is enough to go round.    


Meanwhile, Purim is a day of fun and laughter.  While children enjoy Purim songs and DVDs and dress in novelty costumes, there is a general festive atmosphere.  So, for those who simply want to purchase a gift that adds to the festive fun, look no further than this Purim basket.  Packaged in a colorful, eye-catching box, depicting characters from the historic Purim story, it is bound to contribute a little bit of extra fun to the day.        


As the festival of Purim approaches, whether you want to fulfill the duty of sending Mishloach Manot, or whether you simply wish to celebrate in style, the Carnaval Purim Basket is the answer

Kosher Chief Rabbinate