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  • Chocolate Clown Purim Basket
    Chocolate Clown Purim Basket

Chocolate Clown Purim Basket

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Enter the spirit of Purim by giving the gift of a special Purim Basket.  What better way to celebrate the holiday than with this fun variation on the tradition of Mishloach Manot in the form of a tasty chocolate clown.

Kosher badatz

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Purim is regarded as one of the happiest holidays in the Jewish calendar.  Unsurprisingly therefore, a tradition of giving Purim gifts has become ever more popular.  It is rooted in the ancient custom of giving Mishloach Manot, whereby each person is meant to give a gift of at least two pre-prepared foods to friends or relatives during the day of Purim itself.  In days gone by, this would ensure that nobody would go without the opportunity to celebrate the day.  Today, it has evolved into the popular practice of giving Purim baskets.


If you’re looking for a unique and fun Purim basket, look no further than this giant Purim chocolate clown basket.  It will certainly catch the eye, particularly as it is beautifully packaged in a red box, topped off with a classic satin ribbon.  The excitement will be just as great on opening the box and finding a clown-shaped figure made of delicious chocolate.  This is a high quality product, made entirely by an Israeli family company, which has perfected the Belgian chocolate technique.  So, as the children enjoy costumes, Purim songs & DVDs, why not add the chocolate clown Purim basket to the list of fun this year?

Kosher badatz