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  • Organic Purim Wine Basket
    Organic Purim Wine Basket

Organic Purim Wine Basket

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Have fun and do something meaningful for Purim this year by purchasing an organic Purim Basket. Give someone a tasty Purim gift full of delicious treats while doing your bit for the environment by ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Kosher Badatz

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This is the Purim Basket with a difference.  While many different types of basket are on offer as the Purim holiday approaches, this collection of organic Purim treats ensures that you can celebrate in style while making sure that nothing goes to waste.  You will instantly notice that this unique Purim basket is packaged in a re-useable bag, which is easy to carry into the bargain.  As for the treats themselves, you can enjoy a bottle of white organic wine, which will help wash down the selection of whole wheat hamataschen, filled with chocolate, poppy seeds and dates.  You will also find chocolate cookies with dried fruit.  All of the packaging is environmentally friendly and the contents are strictly kosher by mehadrin standards. 


While the tradition of giving Mishloach Manot, in the form of Purim baskets has long been established, customs are always evolving.  In recent years for example, Purim songs & DVDs have been in particular demand.  However, the custom of Mishloach Manot has lasted, given that it is rooted in the Jewish tradition of doing good deeds for others.  Now, the organic Purim basket lets you can take this value one step further by helping the environment too.

Kosher Badatz