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  • Purim Box full of Treasures
    Purim Box full of Treasures

Purim Box full of Treasures


All the tasty snacks in one carnival themed mishoach manot package filled with all the best snacks.

Certified Kosher Megadim Badatz Haeda Hacharedit

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Basket contains:

Ae mini Kif Kef Megadim
A Tov Taam Megadim
A mini Mekupelet Megadim
A pack marshmallow 30g
A pack face toffee Megadim
A Rattle



The Purim holiday is one of the most eagerly awaited in the Jewish calendar.  Some people relate more to the historic story and its’ complex message, while others simply look forward to this unique, fun celebration, especially for children who enjoy dressing in costume along with Purim songs and DVDs. 


However you choose to celebrate the holiday, the tradition of giving a Purim basket has become a central custom.  Traditionally, it is rooted in the idea of sending Mishloach Manot – a package of at least two ready-to-eat foods – to friends, family and others.  Those who wish to take part in this custom will be delighted at the quality of this Purim basket.  It contains eleven different packaged items, all of which are among Israel’s most popular products.  From top range chocolate to candies and mini-cookies, there really is something for everyone.  All in all, it is a real Purim treat, going far beyond the requirement of giving two prepared foods. 


However, you will be equally pleased if you are simply looking to purchase an attractive Purim gift.  Beyond the tasty treats inside the basket, it is also beautifully packaged.  The food items are contained in a book-shaped box, decorated in a colorful yet sophisticated pattern.  It is topped off with an elegant bow to complete an attractive package.  Even when the contents are long gone, it is a presentation that you will want to keep.