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  • Garmin nuvi 1310 Handheld GPS with Israel Maps (Hebrew/English)
    Garmin nuvi 1310 Handheld GPS with Israel Maps (Hebrew/English)

Garmin nuvi 1310 Handheld GPS with Israel Maps (Hebrew/English)

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A sleek, portable, widescreen Garmin handheld GPS device that is ideal to your next travel in Israel. Hebrew & English speech. Built in Garmin Licensed maps of Israel.

Free online map updates for 3 years. 

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MSRP: $389.50
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An ultra-thin, pocket design, widescreen sat-nav that enables you to talk on your phone, handsfree. The Garmin nuvi 1310 comes with preloaded maps for Israel, Lane Assist for help at upcoming junctions and City Guides to make the most of your time in town. It is compatible with the optional city Xplorer

™* download to get you around on foot or public transport.

Key features:

  • Only 15mm thick – ideal for use in and out of the car
  • 4.3" WQVGA Touch screen with 480 x 272 resolution
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology for handsfree calls
  • Garmin Licensed maps of Israel (Free online map updates for 3 years. via garmin website)
  • Visual & Spoken Directions in Hebrew, English and other Languages
  • Lane Assist to show you to the correct lane for upcoming junctions
  • City Guide has points of interest all over Israel
  • nuvi announces street names before you turn – e.g. “Turn right into Dell Road”
  • 8 GB, MicroSD memory card for optional upgrades
  • One Year Warrenty

Great on the go – driving, walking or on public transport

nuvi 1310’s widescreen but slim pocket design means you can take it anywhere. Use to its full potential by downloading cityXplorer™ to navigate selected cities via trains, or buses* as well as on foot. Add an AA City Guide for your chosen city to find out about all attractions and places to eat, stay and shop.

* Note: Public transport data may vary between cities

Make hands free phone calls

Keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel with nuvi 1310’s integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology, microphone and speaker. Just pair with your compatible mobile phone and talk hands-free through the nuvi.

Simplicity and safety

Supreme route awareness

Avoid last-minute panics and lane changes with Lane Assist. It shows you the correct lane to be in for upcoming junctions, giving you supreme route awareness.

Ultimate simplicity

nuvi 1310 has a simple, intuitive menu. Just touch the screen to look up addresses and get turn-by-turn directions. nĂ¼vi announces street names before you make a turning – e.g. “Turn right into Dell Road” so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Where am I?

Just tap the car icon on your map screen for your exact coordinates, contact details for vehicle recovery services and directions to hospitals, police and petrol stations.

Garmin lock

The Garmin Lock™ anti-theft protection system uses GPS to lock the unit to a secure location of your choice.

Go Green and save fuel

The ecoRoute™ fuel-saver feature enables you to choose a fuel-efficient route which could even save you money as well as fuel. See the cost of the journey as you plan it and get scored for your performance with the Driving Challenge – good for identifying areas for improvement.


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