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  • Mio 5100 with Israel Maps
    Mio 5100 with Israel Maps

Mio 5100 , Israel GPS Navigation


New generation of Israel GPS Software in a truly slim and sleek design. With a one-touch home button and amazingly clear satellite reception, this is truly the best GPS navigation software available for travel in Israel. Complete set of maps for West Europe also included.

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MIO does it again and presents us with a new generation of navigation software, now - with a series of specially designed pocket-thin devices! SPIRIT MIO series is a new series from the MIO line of GPS Israel devices that is combined with the most advanced navigation software MIO SPIRIT. The Spirit device comes in a thin and elegant design, with advanced satellite antenna technology and unique SIRF Instant Fix software that allows extremely accurate satellite reception even in difficult areas. It also comes with a large touch screen [4.7 inch wide], clear "home" botton on the side of the machine for a quick return to the main menu from any screen, and more.


Technical Specifications for the Mio 5100

  • Screen: 4.7 inch 480 x 272 Pixels (WQVGA)
  • Memory: 2Gb + Micro SD expansion slot
  • Processor: Samsung 2443-400Mhz
  • Antenna GPS: 20-channel SiRFstarIII technology SirRFinstantFIX
  • USB connection: Standard 2.0
  • Micro SD expansion socket support up to 8 GB Expansion (SDHC)
  • Includes a complete set kit with computer sync cable, complete instructions in Hebrew (including an extended program guide)
  • Maps: Complete set Israel road maps - updated April 2009 from "Mapa" – Israel's premier map guides, Plus the full Western Europe map Set
  • Includes support for location software -"Cloud Column"

What is special about the new navigation software MIO Spirit?

  1. new maps - new maps are clear and clean, with friendly excellent graphics that make it easy to find your way around any situation
  2. Smart Search - a revolutionary search engine that allows very fast smart searching. Key in a section of the address and the system will find the rest.
  3. revolutionary inquiry mode - want to know what restaurants, tire repair stations, pizzerias, places of entertainment and more are in your environment? One click and you've got it all at your fingertips.
  4. amazing friendly user interface design - a completely new interface that displays a new world of simplicity, accessibility and convenience. This interface will be an instant best seller!
  5. unique "Home" button - when you're driving, concentrate on driving! One click on the convenient "home" button unique to the new MIO, returns you immediately to the main menu. How simple - how brilliant!
  6. ON LINE service - now you do not have to go to the service center to receive updates, no need to get to a distributer for updates. Now via On-Line Software you can download updated maps, purchase additional maps, get info on three-dimensional structures, updates on speed cameras locations, and many services without having to leave your computer chair
  7. support in 15 languages!
  8. support points of interest in three dimensions (3D Landmarks)!
  9. PIX NAV service - a service that allows downloading images by coordinates into the MIO device and them defining them as a target point or points of interest. These images can be downloaded from website WWW.FLICKER.COM or digital camera (that has built-in coordinate options)
  10. Built in list of speed cameras and traps - with the aid of this list and its advanced warning system, you will be able to drive safely while maintaining a reasonable speed.

In addition:

  • Updated maps of Israel - Maps of from "Mapa" publishers, the official map makers of Israel!
  • Tens of thousands of points of interest built-in: restaurants, gas stations, emergency services and more ..
  • Voice and visual guidance is particularly convenient (man / woman voice available), giving you turn by turn instructions until you get to your destination