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  • Alef Bet Adventure + Ready for Reading Bundle
    Alef Bet Adventure + Ready for Reading Bundle

Alef Bet Adventure + Ready for Reading Bundle


Hebrew has never been easier or more fun for kids to learn! Using Alef Bet Adventure, children will learn the Hebrew alphabet, letters and vowels, Hebrew reading, and basic vocabulary.

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The Alef Bet Adventure software program gives young students an innovative, exciting way to learn the Hebrew alphabet over the course of a year, including learning Hebrew letters and vowels, Hebrew reading, and basic vocabulary.

Learning the Hebrew Alphabet is Easy and Fun!

Alef Bet Adventure has three main sections:

  • The Letters
  • The Vowels
  • Words: Reading and Vocabulary

Each section has its own Home Page to make it easy for children to navigate between the different parts of the program. There's plenty to learn and do: Each Letter has five learning sections, each Vowel has ten learning sections and each Words section is followed by a fun exercise to reinforce what is learned.

Special Bonuses

The Practice Page allows you to design your own custom practice sheets to review on-screen or print out.

The Vocabulary Section gives kids quick access to any of the words used in the program, and is great for easy reading and vocabulary practice.

Alef Bet Adventure is an exceptionally flexible program, designed to meet the needs of different learning styles. The colorful 3-D graphics, captivating sound, and superb animation attract and engage youngsters for hours.

And when they advance to Ready for Reading, they'll begin with two-syllable words and advance through two, three, and four-syllable words up to complete paragraphs of Hebrew.

Ready for Reading is a fun-filled Hebrew study course for kids. Ready for Reading begins its reading lessons with two-syllable words and advances through 2-, 3-, and 4-syllable words to complete paragraphs. Each exercise contains enjoyable and entertaining games that will reinforce the concepts that have been taught and hold your child's interest.

Learn to read Hebrew using:


  • Entertaining, animated games and exercises
  • Choice of seven different types of Hebrew pronunciations, including modern Israeli, Ashkenazic, and even Hassidic accents
  • Fully printable screens and practice pages
  • On-line help for all exercises and games

Ready for Reading is the perfect next step for children who are ready to learn to read Hebrew on their own. System Requirements:

Please look at the individual product pages for System Requirements.

  • Media: CD-ROM