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  • Bible Codes 2000
    Bible Codes 2000

Bible Codes 2000


The Ultimate Bible Codes Analysis Tool

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Includes a complete Gematria feature: 7 different Gematria methods, a Gematria concordance, Gematria calculator, letter substitution, verse retrieval according to key words, first letters, initials.
PLUS a Biblical chronology, the Maimonides List of the 613 Torah commandments with their source, biographies of the Israelite kings, description of the Biblical Festivals,
English and Hebrew concordances, text of the King James with concordance, summary of all Bible books, list of all the Biblical names in the original Hebrew with their translation to English, and much more.
General Features
*Designed to work under Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT
* Exclusive Know-no-Hebrew technology, combines translation capabilities with Biblical software
*Step by step on-screen tutorial that allows you to switch between the Tutorial and the program, and thus to replicate the research steps in real time.
*Year 2000 full compatibility
*Complete Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible, (the only computer program with Hebrew text officially authorized by the Koren Bible)
*Side by side English translation of the Hebrew text in parallel columns
*Synchronization of English and Hebrew text can be turned on/off
*Lines separating verses can be turned on/off
* Nikud (Hebrew vowels) can be turned on/off
*Includes special True Type Hebrew fonts
*Hebrew text can be pasted into your word processor◊Ęs document.
*Displays and prints Biblical Hebrew and English text
* Summary and description of every Bible book
* Unlimited word and phrase search in the Bible
*Virtual on-screen Hebrew keyboard with automatic transliteration from English _ User-specified colors for highlighting key letters and words in the text. _ User-specified setting for display and printing of G-d in whole or partial mode _ Complete English concordance_ Complete Hebrew concordance _ Finds all words with prefixes and suffixes to an specified Hebrew root _ Calculates the number of times any specified word appears in the Bible _ Instant go to book, chapter and verse ._ Identifies the number of every letter, word and verse in the text_ Instant go to to any letter, word or verse according to its number ._ Bilingual anagram feature ._ Inter-active with the optional companion bilingual dictionary/thesaurus Super Milon _ Access to the Internet from inside the Help Menu of the program _ Comprehensive 100 page User◊Ęs Manual _ Help Menu includes Contents and Index for quick and immediate consultationBilingual databases
_ Powerful bi-directional dictionary Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew _ User expandable bilingual dictionary _ Automatic prompting by the program to enter the English translation when adding a new word or phrase _ Bilingual Lexicon database _ Complete list of all Biblical names with their English equivalents and meaning _ List of thousands of first names with their transliteration to Hebrew _ Date converter from Gregorian calendar to Hebrew calendar _ Number converter, ordinal and cardinal, to Hebrew characters _ Copy and paste of Hebrew words from the bilingual databases into the Search input fields.Statistics features
_ Automatic calculation of expected number of key code occurrences before the search is executed_ Automatic comparison between expected occurrences and actual number found_ Automatic report of Standard Deviation and Odds about the found key codes Search features
_ Automatic search of the key code as entered and in reverse order of the letters_ Multi-code initial search, for key code and up to six alternative codes each time_ Cut and paste between the key code and alternative codes input fields_ Copy and paste of Hebrew words from the bilingual databases into the Search input fields._ Automatic and manual specification of the range of text to be searched_ Allows from 1 to 100000 skip intervals, and automatically corrects if number specified is too large_ Retrieves up to a limit of 10000 occurrences _ Automatic calculation of the maximum possible number of skips in the specified range_ Automatic display on screen table and printouts of the search results_ Clicking any letter of the code on the screen table shows the letter in-context in the text._ Can import from the opt

  • Genre: Judaism
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • System Requirements: Win95 & up
  • Age: 12 & up