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  • The Complete Bible With Hebrew Narration
    The Complete Bible With Hebrew Narration

The Complete Bible With Hebrew Narration - 13 CD Box Set

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One of a kind! The Complete Torah Narrated in Hebrew.

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13 CD Box Set Featuring the Complete Torah [Bible] Narrated in Hebrew.
The only product of it's kind ever to be produced !
The CD series consists of the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy narrated in Hebrew. Every book has a complete list of chapters & tracks in English!
This series is meant to serve the Jewish communities worldwide, and to help people
of all faiths and religions to connect, and discover the Bible stories told in it's original language. Narrated by Omer Frenkel, one of Israel's leading narrators, Omer brings to life the Bible stories in an exciting, professional, articulate and fascinating manner.
We believe that this new media version of the Tanach will assist in coupling the silent biblical text with the modern spoken language, helping young readers to understand and appreciate the heritage of the Tanach, as well as enriching more experienced readers.
Voices of Heritage has strived to produce a recorded version of the Tanach, which is accurate, pleasant sounding, and elegant - fitting for the Book of Books. The production process lasted for over 18 months, with the investment of much thought, effort and love, using the state of the art technology. Work on this series was not preformed on Shabbat and festivals, and was overseen by top Israeli scholars in the field.

This unique project, is receiving a growing interest by a huge range of parties from many different fields (The Jewish agency, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Museums, Educational Institutions and many more). We see this project as a cultural, national and educational asset for all Jewish communities and our goal is to see the Safra CD series become a part of every Jewish home.

  • New recording narrated by Omer Frenkel, one of Israel's leading narrators, in the most authentic, articulate and fascinating manner
  • Professional audio recording playable on any CD player
  • Beautiful Gift Box makes a wonderful gift for Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Holiday celebrations, etc.
  • Captures the beautiful, majestic, and dynamic character of biblical Hebrew
  • An Essential Educational Tool
  • An excellent way to promote Jewish education and expand Jewish knowledge
  • A unique way to share a common identity with fellow Jews around the world
  • Wonderful resource for Hebrew learners
  • A must in every Jewish home
  • An essential purchase for all libraries
  • A gift for Life !
  • Genre: Prayers
  • Number of CDs: 13