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  • Who's Who In The Bible - CD ROM
    Who's Who In The Bible - CD ROM

Who's Who In The Bible - CD ROM

The Complete Encyclopedia of Personalities from the Old Testament. The most comprehensive and user-friendly Bible software available.
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This unique, informative and comprehensive software brings to life in a narrative format the biographies of over 3,000 persons named in Bible, as a coherent and continuous story, no matter how many times the person is mentioned in different places in the Scripture text. The biographies can be sorted by alphabet, date, and text location, with the biblical text on the background. They can be printed, or copied and pasted onto another own document.

Ideal for home, school, and church. It is a wonderful and indispensable reference tool for Bible students of all ages, scholars, researchers, teachers, and clergy.

Features included in the software:

* Complete text of the Old Testament in English and Hebrew.

* Sorting of the biographies by three methods: by alphabet, by the century when the person lived, and by the location of his/her first mention in the Bible.

* Advanced research: retrieval of every paragraph in all the other biographies where the specified person is mentioned into a file which can be printed, or copied and pasted.

* Concordance of all the biographies.

* Biographies can be printed out, copied and pasted in your own documents.

* List of Biblical names.

* Complete concordance of every word in the Bible showing in the background the text where the word appears.

* Verse retrieval by keywords and other methods.

* Chronology of the events of the Bible

Works with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

  • System Requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.
  • Age: 12 & up