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  • DavkaGraphics CD Collection II
    DavkaGraphics CD Collection II

DavkaGraphics CD Collection II

Welcome to DavkaGraphics CD Collection II, the acclaimed sequel to the award-winning CD Collection I!
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DavkaGraphics CD Collection II includes more than 1,000 brilliant, beautiful, full-color graphics, guaranteed to add flair and pizzazz to anything you print!

  • More than 150 Hebrew name graphics -- Ideal for family or classroom use!
  • Hebrew alphabet graphics -- Perfect for publications!
  • Descriptive graphics for Pirkei Avot
  • Jewish sport graphics -- Great for fliers and bulletins!
  • Blessings graphics
  • Jewish religious articles graphics
  • Graphics of famous Jewish personalities
  • Synagogue Graphics
  • Symbols of the 12 Tribes
  • Shabbat and Holiday Graphics
  • Graphics about the Seven Species of the Land of Israel

Take a look at the sample graphics!

System Requirements:

PC with CD-ROM drive, page layout, image editing, or word processing program or
Requires Macintosh, page layout, image editing or word processing program and CD-ROM drive

  • Media: CD-ROM