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  • Comfy Package Ages 1-3 Gold Pack
    Comfy Package Ages 1-3 Gold Pack

Comfy Package Ages 1-3 Gold Pack

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MSRP: $119.99
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Package includes: Easy PC System + 6 Software Titles (First Steps, World of Colors, Joy of Music, Animal World, Time Travel, My Neighborhood). All required keyboard overlays are already included in the pack.

Bring a smile to your child's face with this fantastic offer, by purchasing the interactive Easy PC (a toddler's first PC learning system) together with six selected software titles, First Steps, World of Colors, Joy of Music, Animal world, Time Travel and My Neighborhood. This exclusive package, ideal for 3-5 years of age, is aimed at introducing toddlers to basic shapes sounds recognition, colors, animals, time and neighborhoods through a fun & interactive experience.

First Steps (1-3 year old, Beginners Level) is the first title from the wide software range developed especially for very early ages (as early as 12 months), allowing young toddlers a first and independent computer experience. This is a great way to introduce toddlers to sounds, shapes and colors. Language Availability.

World of Colors (Ages 3-5, Beginners Level) exposes children to the wonderful world of colors. It is an ideal introduction for children who are just beginning to learn about colors, by helping them to learn through fun interactive stories. Children who are already familiar with colors can practice and expand their creativity, making play an enriching and inspiring experience. Language Availability.

Joy of Music (Ages 3-5, Beginners Level) teaches musical concepts by inviting children to actively participate in various concert rehearsals. The instruments are charming characters, each with their own special personality. Joy of Music is an ideal way for children to learn about musical instruments, become familiar with the idea of harmony and improve their fine and gross motor skills. Language Availability.

Animal World (Ages 3-5, Intermediate Level). The discovery and surprises in Animal World are a creative way for children to encounter and to learn about the world of animals and their various natural environments. This software title is aimed at developing cognitive, emotional, language and creative skills through challenging stories, interactive games, creative arts and fun musical activities. Language Availability.

Time Travel (Ages 3-5, Intermediate Level). Time Travel presents different cultures and eras of the past and future through interesting stories, interactive games, creative arts and fun musical activities. Together with Comfy and his friends, children learn about Dinosaurs, explore the habits of prehistoric man, visit Indians in their village to discover their traditions, and enjoy an Alien's visit from space. Time Travel is a wonderful way to capture a child's imagination by exposing them to a whole new universe. Language Availability.

My neighborhood (Ages 3-5, Intermediate Level). My Neighborhood hosts children in Comfyland's lively neighborhood, where they explore a familiar environment through stimulating stories, interactive games, creative arts, and fun musical activities. Through Comfy and his friends, your child will be educated about their homes and neighbors, play in the playground and park, and learn to follow directions. My Neighborhood is a wonderful way for children to strengthen their self-assurance and develop cognitive, social and emotional skills, through familiar experiences with day-to-day life. Language Availability.

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Product weight: 3.9 KG, 8.6 Ib

Package dimensions: 38.1 (H) x 30.5 (W) x 20.3 (D) CM

15 inch (H) x 12 inch (W) x 8' (D)

Minimum computer system requirements for the software is:

  1. Processor: 1.4GHZ & above
  2. Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista
  3. Memory (available memory): 256MB
  4. Hard Disk (free space): at least 150 MB
  5. CD-ROM Drive: 4X and above
  6. USB port
  7. Comfy Keyboard
  8. Additional requirements: Sound card, color display and speakers