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  • Comfy Package Colors & Numbers Pack
    Comfy Package Colors & Numbers Pack

Comfy Package Colors & Numbers Pack


Help your baby's learning development with these Easy PC products. This set includes 3 CDs plus a keyboard overlay so that your little one can have hours of fun.

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Package includes: Easy PC System + 3 Software Titles (First Steps, World of Colors and Adventure in Numberland)

Introduce your toddler to the world of colors and numbers with this great offer, by purchasing the interactive Easy PC (a toddler's first PC learning system) together with three selected software titles, First Steps, World of Colors and Adventure in Numberland. This exclusive package is aimed at introducing toddlers to basic shapes, the world of colors and the concept of numbers through a fun & interactive experience.

First Steps (Ages 1-3, Beginners Level) is the first title from the wide software range developed especially for very early ages (as early as 12 months), allowing young toddlers a first and independent computer experience. This is a great way to introduce toddlers to sounds, shapes and colors. Language Availability.

World of Colors (Ages 3-5, Beginners Level). World of Colors exposes children to the wonderful world of colors. It is an ideal introduction for children who are just beginning to learn about colors, by helping them to learn through fun interactive stories. Children who are already familiar with colors can practice and expand their creativity, making play an enriching and inspiring experience. Language Availability.

Adventure in Numberland (Ages 3-5, Beginners Level). is an exciting and fun interactive game, which opens a first window to the world of numbers. The favorite friends from Comfyland go on a fascinating adventure in Numberland where they meet animated numbers that invite them to join a picturesque color, movement and sound experience. Language Availability.

Product weight: 2.28 KG, 5Ib

Package dimensions: 38.1 (H) x 30.5 (W) x 20.3 (D) CM

15 inch (H) x 12 inch (W) x 8' (D)

Minimum computer system requirements for the software is:

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