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  • Learn Hebrew Bundle - Trio of Davka software
    Learn Hebrew Bundle - Trio of Davka software

Learn Hebrew Bundle - Trio of Davka software

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Davka Dikduk uses informative and imaginative lessons, to help you learn and understand Hebrew grammar. Learn to Read Hebrew is a comprehensive Hebrew study course which teaches all aspects of Hebrew reading. Talking Hebrew Word Book expands your hebrew vocabulary with its interactive dictionary and phrase software.

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Learn to Read Hebrew teaches all aspects of Hebrew reading, from pronunciation of individual Hebrew letters and vowels to reading entire words and phrases. It's ideal for beginning students of Hebrew language. The program features a modern, streamlined interface, crystal-clear audio, and creative games and exercises, all of which combine to facilitate a successful learning experience. Teach yourself to read Hebrew with this effective and affordable Hebrew language program.+Special Features

  • Learn Hebrew with over 900 audio clips - Learn how to pronounce Hebrew letters and words with the click of a button
  • User-friendly interface is clear and easy to follow
  • Quizzes and review lessons are presented at the end of each lesson, ensuring that material studied will be retained and understood
  • Hebrew pronunciation is taught according to the Sephardic practice
  • Learn to Read Hebrew can accommodate up to five users at one time, and tracks each user's progress individually.

Learn Hebrew grammar effortlessly using Davka Dikduk – the leading program for learning basic Hebrew grammar. If you read Hebrew and know some basic vocabulary, it's the perfect next step. Davka Dikduk uses informative and imaginative lessons, combined with challenging and entertaining quizzes and exercises, to help you grasp the intricacies of Hebrew grammar.+Developed by an expert Hebrew-language educator, Davka Dikduk introduces the initial principles of Hebrew grammar in a fresh, new way that makes learning basic Hebrew grammar painless and even fun.+Inside Davka Dikduk:

  • Learning Basic Hebrew Grammar Parts of speech and their usage in sentences
  • Roots (Shorashim) and their inflections (prefixes and suffixes)
  • Past, future, and present tenses of verbs
  • Shelemim (regular) and other categories in the first of the seven grammatical constructions, Binyan Pa'al
  • Rules of masculine and feminine noun usage
  • Pronouns and prepositions

Davka Dikduk Hebrew Grammar Features:

  • Support for multiple users
  • 5 learning units
  • More than 50 interactive quizzes and exercises
  • Automatic tracking of all users' scores on tests and exercises
  • Hebrew-English dictionary which includes all Hebrew vocabulary used by the program
  • Original Hebrew stories in each unit, which expand upon material taught in the program

Improve and expand your Hebrew vocabulary with the Talking Hebrew Word Book -- an interactive Hebrew language tool featuring over 600 modern Hebrew phrases, expressions and words. It's ideal for travelers, students – for anyone who wants to improve their everyday Hebrew vocabulary.+Vibrant photos and clever cartoons bring the language to life, and the crisp, Israeli-accented Hebrew is pleasing to the ear. Record your voice and compare it with those on the program itself. It's a learning experience of sight, sound, and speech!+Are you planning a trip to Israel? Would you like to brush up on your knowledge of modern Hebrew phrases? The Hebrew Phrasebook is your solution!

  • Words and phrases are pronounced clearly and crisply.
  • Record your own voice and compare your pronunciation with the program.
  • Program is divided into 18 phrase sections and 29 word sections, complete with testing sections for each unit.
  • Phrases are shown in large, easy-to-read Hebrew letters with vowels and English translation
  • Learn a new Hebrew word each day with the Hebrew Word-a-Day option
  • Print words and pictures directly from the program
  • Words are shown with colorful photos
  • Phrases are shown with descriptive cartoon graphics