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  • Learning to Read Hebrew Software Bundle by Compedia
    Learning to Read Hebrew Software Bundle by Compedia

Learning to Read Hebrew Software Bundle by Compedia


This all encompassing learn hebrew software bundle is geared towards young children - in Kindergarten and early elementary - and can be tailered to their learning style and speed

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This new learn-to-read CD-ROM set from Compedia is the best and most promising way to bring your children into the wonderful world of reading.

  • Compedia's learn-to-read hebrew software kit includes three CD-ROMS and workbooks that feature a variety of educational activities, worksheets, and read-out-loud texts. The set also includes printed workbooks that allow children to practice the material with a parent
  • This new study set is the only one on the market developed from the beginning in accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Education's recommended phonetic system. In this system, reading skills are acquired step-by-step. Children learn letters and sounds in a predetermined order until they can read.
  • Every child learns to read at his or her own pace. The set also allows parents to follow their children's progress, identify any difficulties, and help overcome them. The reading system teaches all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet from 'aleph' to 'taf', along with their sounds, reading and understanding of nikud (pronunciation signs), an understand of syllables, vowels, and consonants, word recognition, and reading and comprehending entire sentences.

CD 1: Basic reading instruction. Many activities help children learn letters and sounds

CD 2: Content is based on folk tales. Six interactive and exciting folk tales improve children's reading and increase their vocabulary. Children can read the stories themselves or ask the computer to 'read' to them at a pace they are comfortable with.

CD 3: Features a wide selection of worksheets to reinforce the material. The worksheets, arranged by subject and level of difficulty, can be printed.

Workbook and parents' manual: The workbook is designed to teach reading and includes lessons in letters, vowels, and reading comprehension as advised by the Ministry of Education.

** Compedia's Learn to Read CD-ROM set includes versions intended to teach Hebrew to native speakers of Russian or English**


System requirements: Pentium II processor, 64MB memory