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  • MP3 Haggadah for Pesach
    MP3 Haggadah for Pesach

MP3 Haggadah for Pesach

No Longer Available
The entire Passover Haggadah in MP3 audio!
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Learn to chant and conduct the Passover Seder with the MP3 Complete Haggadah. Every word of the Seder is read aloud, in Ashkenazic pronunciation, clearly and carefully. It is the perfect gift for anyone who would like to gain greater proficiency in reading the Passover Haggadah and/or leading the Seder.

The MP3 Haggadah includes the following special features:

  • The entire Haggadah is chanted clearly and distinctly, with directions for each step
  • Popular Haggadah songs are included, complete with piano accompaniment (15 in total!)
  • Includes a PDF of the entire Haggadah in Hebrew and transliterated English

Load it on your MP3 player or MP3 CD player and listen on your way to work, while exercising, or in the car. Listen while you're at your computer, and follow along with the included PDF file of the Haggadah.

Whether you've always wanted to lead the Seder, or just enjoy listening to the traditional Seder tunes, the MP3 Complete Haggadah will become an essential part of your Jewish MP3 collection.

Click here for an MP3 sample track (Avadim Hayinu)!

Haggadah text and music recorded by Rabbi Yechiel Pisem.

System Requirements:

Works on any computer, MP3 player, or MP3 CD player. Computer not required!

  • Media: CD-ROM