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Noah's Journey CD Rom


A Virtual Tour of the Biblical Zoo and the Animals of the Bible. All profits made from this item go to the upkeep of the Biblical Zoo.

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A Virtual Tour of the Biblical Zoo and the Animals of the Bible.
All profits made from this item go to the upkeep of the Biblical Zoo.
The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem
The Biblical Zoo
The zoo in Jerusalem is a unique institution in the world, and plays a pivotal role in the lives of residents and visitors to that great city.
The Jerusalem Zooעs living collections demonstrate the range and scope of animal life from many environments and continents. The zoological collection focuses on two main areas: (1) maintenance of a collection of animals mentioned in the Bible or indigenous to the Land of Israel, (2) the preservation of animal species classified as rare or in danger of extinction. These living collections serve to link ancient heritage with modern ecology.
Visitors to the Zoo are, themselves, a study in contrasts and a celebration of diversity: secular Israelis and Orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians and Druse, infants and elderly, schoolchildren and family groups, local residents and international tourists. A gathering place for all, the Zoo is the bearer of a subtle yet profound message, in coming together to enjoy the diversity of the animals presented, the common humanity underlying the diversity of our own species emerges more clearly into view.
As an educational institution, The Jerusalem Zoo also reaches out effectively to diverse groups. Off-site outreach initiatives such as the Zoo Mobile programs reach members of the population who would find visiting the Zoo difficult, for instance hospitalized children or the elderly. On-site programs also serve diverse audiences: gifted children from economically-disadvantaged neighborhoods participate in the study of zoology, animal therapy projects for special needs children are sensitive to individual requirements, interactive programs bring Jewish and Arab children together, and adult education is strong. The Zoo recently produced its own educational CD Rom called Noah's Journey, a Virtual Tour of the Biblical Zoo and the Animals of the Bible. This CD, in English and Hebrew, is an excellent gift or a tool for fundraising.
Dedicated not only to display, but also to conservation and research, the Jerusalem Zooעs work includes conservation projects, captive breeding programs, and a commitment to the reintroduction of indigenous species. Currently two projects are having great success. The Griffon Vulture Project has provided a significant number of young vultures, hatched and raised on zoo grounds for release. The Persian Fallow Deer project, a program for breeding and reintroduction of these beautiful deer to the hills of Galilee and the mountains surrounding Jerusalem is having great success. On the cutting edge of international conservation initiatives, the Jerusalem Zoo cooperates with other zoos around the globe, and plays an important role in the rescue of wildlife on both a national and an international level.

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