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  • Ulpan Arcade, Hebrew Learning Software for PC/Mac
    Ulpan Arcade, Hebrew Learning Software for PC/Mac

Ulpan Arcade, Hebrew Learning Software for PC/Mac


Studying Hebrew vocabulary has never been this much fun!

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Boost your Hebrew vocabulary by learning over 1000 Hebrew words, divided into ten exciting categories, complete with translations and pronunciations. Then, play ten exciting games based on those ten themes.

Ulpan Arcade is divided into ten different vocabulary categories, ranging from Animals to Transportation. Before you play the quizzes, practice by learning the pronunciation and translation of every word. Using the program's build in PDF print feature, print study sheets for every category and subcategory within the program. You can even record your voice, and compare it with the pronunciation used in the program!

When you're ready to play, try your hand at the colorful and enjoyable games. You'll love the special effects, sound, and animation. When you accumulate enough points, you can print out certificates that mark your progress!

Here are just some of the features of Ulpan Arcade:

  • Click on any word to hear it read in a natural-sounding voice
  • Print word lists and quizzes directly from the program!
  • Each category comes with a marvelous, fully unique Hebrew word game!
  • Games are packed with animation, sound effects, music, and even 3D!
  • For the entire family -- the program keeps track of individual users' scores
  • Print out personalized certificates if you win the games!
  • Expandable -- download future vocabulary themes & games from Davka! (subject to availability)

Ulpan Arcade is an excellent Hebrew vocabulary builder for ages ten and up!

Word Categories include:


  • Media: CD-ROM