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  • Hebrew Scrabble Game
    Hebrew Scrabble Game

Hebrew Scrabble Game

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LIMITED EDITION- NOW IN STOCK! Want to improve your Hebrew game skills? Here's a great way to start! Try the classic scrabble game, but with Hebrew letters! Enjoy playing with your friends and family this classic game with a new twist. This game can be hours of good times for everyone!

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Limited Edition! Now in STOCK! Scrabble in Hebrew! The original game but with Hebrew Letters! A complete refresh of the classic word game. Every element, inside and out has been redesigned to improve the experience of playing the game where EVERY WORD COUNTS!
A sleek upscale version of the classic crossword game! counter!
Includes new 'shorter game' rules,drawstring bag for tiles! large letter racks with letter distribution
For 2 to 4 players. Winner of the CLASSIC Award by Parent's Choice Awards.
Ages: 10 & UP.