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  • Children in Hospital Candy Pack
    Children in Hospital Candy Pack

Children in Hospital Candy Pack

Free Delivery

Make someone Happy! Make life a little easier for ailing children in Israeli Hospitals, order a package and we will dispatch it.Discount price for new & extra rich basket.

Certified Kosher Badatz

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 11650

please send a short message

MSRP: $19.95
Price: $13.95
Sale price: $9.95

Please fill the donor info in the shipping address for certificate.

These packages are delivered straight to the hospitals. Even though these packages cannot be sent to a specific child, we encourage you to include a note which will personalize the gift for each child. Put a smile on their faces and show them you care.



Each donation will receive a certificate

Please write the donors name in the recipient information


About the Basket

  • Bag of Marshmallow 
  • Bag of Toffee Candies
  • Mini Pesek Zman Bar
    • Mini Mekupelet Chocolate Bar
  • Mini KifKef Bar
  • Mini Taami bar
  • Personal Waffle
  • chocolate gelt coins
  • Plastic toy dreidel [Sivivon, spinning top]

Certified Kosher Badatz