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  • Green Tea Delight
    Green Tea Delight

Green Tea Delight

No Longer Available

Antiqued ivory tin featuring green tea with jasmine. Under supervision of one or more of the following: OU, OK Labs, and Chasam Sofer, Bnei Brak. Delivery in USA & Canada ONLY.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 12020
Sorry - product is No Longer Available. please contact us for info.
MSRP: $94.95
Price: $62.95
Sale price: $54.95

Includes 5.96 oz. old-fashioned ginger bread cookies in the shape of a bear paw print, 4.5 oz. Cranny Banany (cranberries, dry roasted almonds, apples, walnuts, banana chips, raisins, pumpkin seeds & peanuts), 3.5 oz. Stash natural clover lemon honey sticks, 2 - 1.5 oz. all natural salty / sweet nibbles and savory crunchy nibbles, 1.4 oz. vanilla almond handmade tea cookies,.82 oz. butteryfly cinnamon shortbread cookies, 30 gr. finest honey almond nougat, and 25 count Wissotzky green tea with jasmin, from Israel.