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  • Kosher Israeli Wines - Case of 3 Bottles Mes'ha 2005 Tabor Winery
    Kosher Israeli Wines - Case of 3 Bottles Mes'ha 2005 Tabor Winery

Kosher Israeli Wines - Case of 3 Bottles Mes'ha 2005 Tabor Winery


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Tabor Winery: Stretching along the foot of Mt. Tabor, amid spring-filled wadis, is a beautiful region of land – God’s Little Acre. Patches of scenery—green, blue, brown and black—mix together on the scenic artist’s palette. Here, the earth sings in four voices: limestone, basalt, clay and terra rossa. Melodies of the earth’s unique qualities echo in each cultivated locality.+In the 19th century, the French baron Edmond de Rothschild was taken by the unique setting of Mt. Tabor as an ideal place to cultivate grapes. Since then, for over 120 years the village’s residents have grown quality grapes for the wine industry and marketed their produce to other wineries.+In 1999, four families—Ben-Tanhum, Sela, Peleg and Korman—decided to embark on the independent production of wine. Thus was founded Tabor Winery, a boutique winery that combines a professional approach with the modern-world spirit of a boutique winery.+Each family is in charge of one facet of the Winery’s administration. The accumulated agricultural experience of the four families amounts to four hundred years, a fact that endows Tabor Winery with the qualities of a young winery armed with the experience of a longstanding Terroire winery.+The founders of this small village winery constantly strive for excellence, and will take no shortcuts. The agricultural experience of the founding families, the judicious choice of grape varieties cultivated in various types of soil, the controlled manner of winemaking—all bestow Tabor Winery wines with their refined and unique taste.+The words of the Winery’s winemaker, Arye Nesher, describe wonderfully the philosophy of Tabor Winery: The meticulousness, the seriousness and the respect that the winegrowing families devote to the land and to nature leave me with a task that can be easy or hard—not spoiling what they’ve succeeded in extracting from nature.