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  • Kosher Israeli Wines - Israeli Wines - Case of 3 Bottles Merlot ''Israeli'' 2006 Efrat Winery
    Kosher Israeli Wines - Israeli Wines - Case of 3 Bottles Merlot ''Israeli'' 2006 Efrat Winery

Kosher Israeli Wines - Israeli Wines - Case of 3 Bottles Merlot ''Israeli'' 2006 Efrat Winery


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Samson Heights
This fresh, fruity Merlot from Dir Rafat offers inviting aromas of ripe berry and a hint of oak. This medium-bodied wine, with its smooth texture and moderate tannins is complemented by hints of spice.

Efrat Winery was founded in 1870 by Zeev Zida Teperberg with the aim to produce quality Israeli wine as in ancient times. The winery was established in the alleyway of the old city of Jerusalem, and actually was the first winery in the land of Israel in new era. The name Efrat was chosen after the biblical road 'Efrata is Beth-Lechem', the road by which the grapes were brought to the winery.
Since then and up to date, the company has been owned by the Teperberg family and combines successfully, family tradition with advanced technological and commercial production.
The company's winery was established in Motza in 1967 and today is one of the largest and leading wineries in Israel and producing over 100 assortments of wines and grape juices.
In the near future, the facility will be relocated to the Judean Lowlands in the Samson Valley. The new winery is being built in the center of a vineyard at the foot of Dir Raphat Monastery and is planned to be the most important crossroad for wine making and wine tourism in Israel. The region combines many years of history with unique growing conditions to be used for quality wine production originating from selected plots in the area.
Every year the company markets more than four million wine bottles locally and worldwide.
Efrat winery employs approx. 50 employees who are highly skilled in growing, producing and marketing wine. As one of the leading wineries in Israel Efrat will continue to produce high quality wines and preserves its reputation as a leading producer of wines in Israel.

The vineyards of Efrat Wineries
The vineyards are located at a number of growing areas: Judean Hills, Ella Valley, Tabor Village, Tzora Dir-Raphat and Sansan Creek. These locations were used in the previous era as the vineyard region in Israel. The rich soil and the climatic conditions characteristic grant the grapes their rich and unique taste.
The various regions of vineyards and the different kind of soils allow us to grow each variety at the most suitable area. Our agronomists control the product from the grape selection and care the growing with a low environmental in order to harvest quality grapes, at the ideal timing, according to the wine-makers guidelines.